Friends of Kagando Hospital, Uganda


Friends of Kagando is a UK based charitable trust set up in 2003 and managed by a board of Trustees who are past long-term workers at Kagando or regular visitors. The charity aims to support Kagando by raising funds and sending equipment and to encourage friends and colleagues working there by correspondence and visits from people with clinical, technical, management, educational, pastoral and fund-raising expertise. Administration costs are low. Transfers of accountable funds are direct to the leadership in Kagando. It maintains a newsletter mailing list and is always looking for partners and volunteers to support what we believe has become a ‘centre of excellence’ in Rural Uganda.

KAGANDO Rural Development Centre (KARUDEC) is a health care and education project managed by the Church of Uganda based around Kagando Hospital (250 beds).

Kagando lies in the South-Eastern foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains on a small West-facing hill looking out across a fertile valley, 20 km from the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and 5 km North of the Equator. On the other side the hill looks out towards the Western Rift Valley with the nearby Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Kizinga Channel linking Lake George and Lake Edward.
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Thank you all so much for your support during the Big Give. We will let you know how we did as soon as possible. Your donations and support are so important to us at Friends of Kagando and change lives on the ground in the community. ...

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The Big Give Christmas Challenge is here!! Please register and donate at and your donation could be doubled!! This opportunity opens at 10am each day closes on the 6th December after the Big Give pot runs dry. ...

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The Big Give is tomorrow!! Please support FOK and all those living in Kagando by registering and donating tomorrow at 10am to have a chance for your donations to be doubled!! Each day of the challenge from 10am donations will be doubled until the Big Give pot of money is empty so register early! The last day is Saturday! Thank you all in advance for your support. ...

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Sustainable health care? Health care is costly, no matter where you are in the world. A course of antibiotics in the UK will cost £10. Heart medication can cost £50 per week. An x-ray may cost £100 with another £200 to have someone interpret it. CT scans are over £1000 and cancer treatment over £10,000. The average wage in Kagando is between £20 to £100 per year. That is less than £1 per day. It is clear that with that level of income, even basic healthcare becomes rapidly unaffordable. To get treatment, people sell land or other property. This means that even after treatment, their ability to make money is drastically reduced leading to a cycle of worsening poverty. For the non-infectious diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, the cost for ongoing care is rarely met, leading to rapid deterioration of health and loss of work and income.

Hospitals like Kagando depend on donations from outside Uganda to highly subsidise care and sometimes offer free care to those who have nothing. FOK works hard in partnership with the leadership at Kagando to offer financial support whilst working towards a sustainable healthcare model. We can only do this with your continued generous support. You can make the difference to so many. (4 photos)

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