Friends of Kagando Hospital, Uganda


Friends of Kagando is a UK based charitable trust set up in 2003 and managed by a board of Trustees who are past long-term workers at Kagando or regular visitors. The charity aims to support Kagando by raising funds and sending equipment and to encourage friends and colleagues working there by correspondence and visits from people with clinical, technical, management, educational, pastoral and fund-raising expertise. Administration costs are low. Transfers of accountable funds are direct to the leadership in Kagando. It maintains a newsletter mailing list and is always looking for partners and volunteers to support what we believe has become a ‘centre of excellence’ in Rural Uganda.

KAGANDO Rural Development Centre (KARUDEC) is a health care and education project managed by the Church of Uganda based around Kagando Hospital (250 beds).

Kagando lies in the South-Eastern foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains on a small West-facing hill looking out across a fertile valley, 20 km from the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and 5 km North of the Equator. On the other side the hill looks out towards the Western Rift Valley with the nearby Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Kizinga Channel linking Lake George and Lake Edward.
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Friends of Kagando on Facebook:

Today is #WorldPrematurityDay. According to the WHO, premature birth is now the leading cause of babies dying across Sub-Saharan Africa, which includes Uganda. At Kagando Hospital, thanks to donations and support from around the world, neonatal care was revolutionised in 2012 resulting in a 50% fall in mortality in the hospital. Your support has meant babies like the one in this photo, born at 600 grammes, have a chance at life, and life without disability. With more help we can do more. More machines to provide the oxygen vital to give life to these tiny babies. More nurses to deliver expert care. More equipment to protect these babies who will not survive without the wonderful work done at Kagando Hospital.

Can you help a baby breathe?

Can you help a mother take home a healthy baby?

Please keep Kagando in your thoughts and prayers.

If you are an expectant mother, you are 40 times more likely to die during childbirth if you live in Uganda. Once your baby is born it is 10 times more likely to die. If your baby survives it is 15 times more likely to have a disability and 7 times more likely to have epilepsy. It is difficult to comprehend this in the UK where we do not have to worry about malaria, we get free health care and education for our children. The problems of Africa, Uganda and even Kagando, can seem so insurmountable that it paralyses us into inaction. But we can make a difference. Groups like FOK that work with the local population, provide on the ground help with measurable and tangible differences in health, education and social mobility. Kagando hospital has reduced maternal mortality and neonatal mortality. It has provided comfort to people dying of cancer and brought hope to those suffering from HIV and AIDS. I could list statistic after statistic for how big these differences have been, but these people who are being helped are not just statistics. They are human beings. Humans who have not been so fortunate in the place of their birth, who have to fight challenges in their daily lives that we have never had to contend with. How can you help? What can you do? Give to FOK or find another charity that works with local people to effect change on the ground. Volunteer your time and skills if you can. But please don't turn a blind eye or think that people in Uganda are less deserving of life. We are one human race. Please, let us give hope to the next generation. ...